Balanced Ventilation Systems are and excellent choice for Comfort and Air Quality

Balanced Ventilation Systems exhaust and introduce roughly equal amounts of outdoor and indoor air. Because they directly supply outside air, it can be filtered to remove pollutants and moisture. Such systems are appropriate for all climates, but like the previous two systems, lead to higher heating and cooling costs than energy recovery ventilation systems. They are also more complicated and expensive than exhaust systems or supply systems.
As your ventilation choices get more sophisticated the cost of operation and maintenance increases. This is a consideration that each homeowner should review before a ventilation choice is made.

If a Balanced-Ventilation is chosen you will clearly obtain a high level of air purification and air flow control as well as moisture control. The infiltration of contaminants is far less likely so air quality is almost always higher.

The cost of operation increases as does the use of energy to operate and the long term maintenance cost.

If this is a system that appeals to you I highly recommend going green with the installation of alternative energy solutions to reduce or eliminate your energy costs. The best systems are Green Energy that use renewable sourcesfor reliable power production.

In addition to these you can utilize a solar water heater and use solar attic fans to supplement the Balanced Ventilation system which will help by reducing energy costs while providing a high quality air flow system.

When considering more sophisticated ventilation systems it is very important to perform a home energy audit to identify all areas of wasted energy so you can maximize your savings and offset cost of the higher quality systems such as balanced-ventilation or Energy Recovery systems.