Energy Recovery Ventilation systems save energy and help to keep indoor humidity within a healthy range. It transfers heat and moisture between the incoming and outgoing air.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

Aside from paying the mortgage, space heating and cooling costs can be the most expensive aspect of home ownership. Energy- Recovery-Ventilation helps solve issues created by a well-insulated, tightly-sealed building envelope (exterior walls, roof, and foundation systems) which prevent the escape of costly conditioned air, but may have unintended consequences for indoor air quality. Energy-Recovery-Ventilation systems and Heat Recovery systems are able to capture loss energy sources from the air flow exchange they create and utilize them back into the home or structure. Over a period of time this part of the Energy Recovery Ventilation system actually can pay for the higher cost of installation.

Installation costs for Energy-Recovery-Ventilation is considerably higher than other forms of ventilation. Some cost savings is gained if common ductwork is used; however the savings may be lost in system efficiency over the operating life. If you choose this system you must also plan in routine maintenance of the components to maintain operating efficiency as well as avoiding side effects of deteriorating air quality from lack of maintenance and cleanliness of the components. If not maintained properly components make rust or have mold growth. Again, proper maintenance is key when installing this type of system.

When deciding on an Energy-Recovery-Ventilation system you must also secure a very qualified contractor. These systems are not as common so many contractors will not possess the knowledge to advise you or perform proper installation.


* Ask for bonding and Insurance

* Ask for references and check them out

* Ask for a copy of the contractor license

* Ask to see a complete lay out and cost estimate of the system

* Check with local Better Business Bureau

These systems are complicated and expensive compared to other choices I would recommend but if you are looking at being serious about Going Green the Energy-Recovery and Heat Recovery Ventilation systems meet that criteria.

If ,strong>Going Green is newer for you and you are looking at simple energy saving and money saving ideas then start with a step by step energy audit system to maximize Energy Recovery Ventilation and all your energy consumption.

After instituting the many energy saving tips you will get from the audit you can look at technology like solar water heaters or

energy for free magnetic generators.