Energy Star Appliances the right choice for todays energy saving needs.

Energy Star Appliances will be one of the important items identified in a home energy audit. Hopefully you have performed one with a simple program such as Energy Audits made Simple , it will have identified that you should be choosing energy efficient appliances. We highly recommend that you choose only Energy Star® Appliances based on our experience they out perform all the rest.

Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star®-labeled appliances will give you the most home energy savings by using less electricity and water than other appliances. Better appliance energy efficiency comes from quality materials and technologically advanced materials. Although energy efficient models sometimes cost more to purchase initially, any extra up-front cost can often be made up with savings on your utility bill. One helpful way to figure out if buying an Energy Star® appliance makes sense for you is to think of two price tags. The first price tag is the purchase price that you pay at the store when you buy the appliance. Some local utilities offer rebates on the purchase and installation of Energy Star® rated appliances. If yours does, this would reduce the initial price. The second price tag is the cost to operate the appliance over its lifetime. You pay to operate the appliance every month for as long as you own the appliance. You might be surprised to see how much it can cost to own an appliance that seems like a good deal up front. Green energy technology will always pay back far more than it cost up front to obtain it.

The energy chart below shows average consumption of energy using products in your home.

The energy savings earned by an ENERGY STAR qualified home are based on heating, cooling, and hot water, lighting and appliance energy use. Energy savings are typically achieved through a combination of:

Exterior construction upgrades; High-performance windows; Controlling the amount of air leaking out through the duct system or unsealed holes; Controlling the amount of air entering the home from the outside; Properly installed insulation; High-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems; High-efficiency water heating equipment; ENERGY STAR qualified clean air systems; High efficiency ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures; and ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators, clothes washers, and dish washers.

What is an Energy Star® Appliance?

The Energy Star® may be found on clothes washers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and room air conditioners. An appliance receives the Energy Star rating if it is significantly more energy efficient than the minimum government standards, as determined by standard testing procedures. The amount by which an appliance must exceed the minimum standards is different for each product rated, and depends on available technology. Energy Star® rated products are always among the most efficient available today.

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