Energy Sources are Running out and it is time to Switch to Renewable Energy!

Energy Sources

Energy Sources are vital for powering business, manufacturing, and the transportation of goods and services to serve the American and World economies. Sustainable Energy and Renewable Energy development plays an increasingly role in the economic output of our nation and the world economy. It is not surprising that the United States spends over 500 billion dollars annually on energy. Yet we could utilize Wind, Solar, and magnetic generation and reduce our use of fossil fuel and our overall energy costs. If we were to increase our use of Renewable Energy by 10% we as a nation could cut our expenditure on energy by 50 Billion dollars. If world wide participation was at 10% the environmental benefits and cost savings would be extraordinary. Just think if Americans could use that 50 Billion for other goods and services what it would do for the economy. If worldwide savings were added in we could see the end of the recession coming without spending billions in stimulus plans that will require higher taxes to repay. Renewable Energy could well be the answer to our current economic crisis and is certainly a major step in fixing our environmental problems.

Increasing Renewable Energy Sources

As America and the worlds need for energy grows, we must meet the challenge by establishing clean fuel initiatives to make the most of traditional fossil fuels while investing in cutting edge research to develop Renewable Energy technologies that are sustainable such as fusion, Wind/Solar and, if it is perfected Magnetic Generation, which can be produced from existing sources and greatly reduce our dependence on oil. The use of Wind/Solar and Magnetic Generation of power must become part of the worlds overall energy plan. These types of technology are available, cost effective and easy to implement. Individuals can make a difference with a small investment that pays big returns on reducing conventional energy demands as well as reducing their own power bills.

Wind and Solar Energy Sources

Home Energy Audit System

Modernizing our energy infrastructure

By developing the infrastructure to support these fuels, the world is striving every day to protect energy needs and our planet's environment. We must Ensure the productive and optimal use of Energy Sources while limiting the environmental impact. In addition we are harnessing the power of the earth itself to meet our energy needs. Advances in Wind, Solar, Hydro and Geothermal energy allow us to take advantage of clean, abundant energy.

Cooperating on International Energy Issues

The US Energy Department activities are instrumental in establishing the safety, reliability, and efficiency of energy supplies in a global marketplace. It is these types of efforts that can lead to worldwide participation in alternative energy production. The world is no longer a place where every country can simply do as they please and not cause serious environmental impact for themselves and the world. Each action we take today to work together, promote and use alternative sources and help one another to advance into better technology will save lives, energy and consequences for tomorrow. It is imperative that we move our Renewable Energy production on this chart to at least 50%. This can be done if individuals will invest in wind, solar and magnetic generation for their home and business needs. We each must take an active role in our energy future if we are to reach a solution that saves us money and our environment. At the current cost of energy and future increases the investment today in technology for home energy production is the wisest choice. As a utility manager for 30 years I prepared numerous rate cases and let me assure you none were to reduce the rates. Increasing rate structures will continue and the only way to balance our home budget is to balance our energy demands with reliable home production technology.

Magnetic generation Model

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Wind and Solar Power technology