Free Electricity Is the Right Choice to Save Money and Go Green

Feb 15, 2010

Ask Yourself... Would you like to have Free Electricity, reduce your dependency on the power grid and reduce, or even eliminate, your power bill? Would Free Electricity be of value? Would receiving a check each month for the extra power you produce (yes the power company will actually pay you) be of interest to you? What if you could accomplish that with professional, do-it-yourself, instructions that will give you everything you need to convert your home to renewable, free, energy?

Of course you do! And, you can!

We will teach you how to eliminate your power bill with the easiest-to-follow DIY guide to alternative energy available, anywhere, today.

Thousands of members around the world have converted their homes to renewable free electricity. And, with the Green Power Easy series of guides, you can too...

It's no secret that we're dependant on the power companies. Without that line in from the power grid to run our stove, our lights, and our fridge (as well as all of the other conveniences we're used to) we wouldn't be able to cook, to heat our homes, we'd live in the dark, and our food would spoil. For most of us that dependency is complete, and in recent times it's also becoming very expensive. As a Utility Manager for 30 years I can assure you that the rates are going to continue upward.

Here's the truth of the matter though: You don't have to depend on the power company at all.

You can produce renewable, green, energy right from your home that will supply all of your power needs and more. Some of our members are even getting money back from the power company every month for the extra power they produce (more on that later).

You can accomplish this by doing it yourself, with professional step-by-step instruction, and save a huge amount over the cost of buying an alternative energy solution. Manufactured solar panels to power your home may cost upwards of $28,000. Buying a wind turbine large enough to power you home may cost $16,000. By doing it yourself that same home conversion will cost you pennies in comparison...

Now by now you may be saying "This sounds complicated". It isn't!

Taking advantage of renewable energy isn't something that's difficult at all. You don't need experience to create your own energy. You don't even have to know what renewable energy is!

With the Green Power Easy guides we teach it all too you.

You will learn how to source the parts inexpensively, and then build your own solar panels. You'll discover how you can build a wind turbine to suit part of your energy needs, or all of them, and again at a cost anyone could afford.

In fact, Green Power Easy was created to make it EASY for you to do just that. Our guide lays everything out for you. You get step-by-step video instruction that include easy-to-follow illustrations with every step. Really, you could download your guide right now, order the parts required, and begin converting your home to green energy tomorrow!

We'll even teach you how you can take advantage of government rebates that will reduce the cost of going green.

Right now, yes you may be solely dependant on the power grid, but you don't have to be, you can produce Free Electricity and sell excess back to the power company.

You'll be working to reduce your dependency on the grid, and at the same time you'll be working to save our planet.

By choosing to build your own alternative energy solution, the difference is astounding. 1. Build a 100-200 Watt solar panel for $125 or less. If you choose to purchase cracked or broken solar cells, you can further reduce that to $30! That's a $1095 savings per solar panel. If you decided to convert your whole home you could save $25,000 over the costs of having someone do it for you and Free Electricity that you built.

2. Build a wind turbine for as little as $100. The main design in our guide shows you how to build a 450 Watt turbine. To buy a similar turbine, the turbine alone will cost you $4,000. That doesn't include the mount, the installation costs, or the wiring. By the time you've built your turbine your savings can add up to $10,000 or more and Free Electricity forever!

3. Convert part of your home to reduce your energy bills with a single solar panel or wind turbine, or convert your entire home and go completely off the grid for 100% Free Electricity.

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