Making Money takes an Enormus amount of our Personal Energy so apply it Wisely

Personal Energy the Key to Making Money

We have gone over conservation of natural resources, energy saving tips, rate structures and alternative energy sources. We’ve covered energy efficient home construction, energy efficient appliances, and proper ventilation for comfortable living. The one energy we have not covered is personal energy. We must use are personal energy for everything we do. Making Money, making change in our life, losing weight, seeking faith, changing jobs, developing a business it all takes our Personal Energy to Accomplish.

Personal energy is without a doubt the single most important energy to each of as individuals and to the world as a whole. Without personal energy nothing would ever be accomplished in this world including Making Money. It is our choice to get up every day and either perform something meaningful or do nothing at all. Some, God Bless Them, will defend us and give us the opportunity to be free. Others will do research to find ways to cure the worlds illness’s or find a new treatment to save lives. Some will raise our children, some will teach, others will learn. There will be those who strive to save our souls and those who try to take them. Many will get up and go to a job or sit and wish they had one but when they arrive at work they will complain and wish they could find a For a few they will love what they do and do it well. Regardless of how we feel about Making Money one thing stands out as the most important issue. Are we happy with what we do and what we accomplish? different way of Making Money.

For thirty two years I ran a large Utility, owned a home building business, a health club, and worked 80 to 100 hours a week. I was Making Money in fact I had a very good Living but I thought working hard every day was the American Dream in motion. The day came when a call to my office changed that thought pattern. My wife was hit as a pedestrian and for ten years she would have surgeries and therapy, and treatments. Only by the work of talented doctors, who loved what they were doing and the grace of God did she survive. The costs were staggering and all of my resources were exhausted but I never regretted one dollar spent and my life was forever changed. Making Money no longer was my priority. I needed to spend time and energy with my family and not a job that I did not love. I needed a profession that gave me fulfillment and allowed my personal energy and talent to be used in a manner that satisfied all my goals and desires. Does this mean I did not want to be Making Money and enjoy life with what it can bring, absolutely not! What it meant was that you must balance your life so that energy is spent with family and in making a living. For those who have a faith then you learn to balance that faith with family and work and learn and grow as a person. In order to be happy you must find what gives you fulfillment. Making Money is not a fulfillment but how you do it and if you enjoy what you do is what matters. I needed a way to challenge myself without spending 90 hours a week doing it.

Working on an internet business may or may not be the choice for you. You may want to be a politician or a welder or a mechanic or maybe a farmer and if so reach out and take the steps toward that goal and never look back. Balance that goal by using all of your energy wisely and remember that it is not the Making Money or lack of that makes you happy but the journey you place yourself on to accomplish it.

I chose the internet to apply my energy and talent to. In my life I learned a lot about energy, energy costs, energy production, utility operations, utility rates, energy efficient home construction, quality workmanship, healthy life styles, weight training, proper nutrition and the "Best" way to learn how to control your natural weight.

My goal is a series of websites filled with that information for the benefit of others who might want to learn from my knowledge and yes my mistakes. For those who may want to be Making Money to earn a great living from the internet. Others may want to learn about healthy life styles, energy saving tips, alternative power to eliminate your energy bills. This website is about energy so making money seems like a strange place to have a making money web landing page but remember the number one ingredient to making money is your personal energy. If you are willing read it just might change your life, life style, budget issues, income and your path of life. I hope to give my knowledge to those looking for a change to the environment whether it is personal environment or our natural resources. Remember energy is spent in everything we do so regardless of what you are looking for it will start with the expenditure of energy. Use it wisely and it will serve you well. Waste it and it is unrecoverable.

Here are my personal energy tips for making money on the internet: These two sites are without a doubt the best possible investment you can make if you are serious about using your energy to change your life. Using them and promoting them will help you reach your goals. I could go into bank statements and testimonies about how well I am doing, how much I have cut my energy bills, how I use alternative energy and how my business approaches are making me and so many others big money but why?

The choice is yours right now. You will either choose to move forward and apply the neccessry energy to success or you will walk away and go on doing whatever you have been for the past years. If you want a change in life then you must be the one who wants to read on, wants to try what is changing financial situations all over the world. If self motivation and your desire to become wealthy is not worth using your personal energy then looking at my bank statements or listening to others who are applying what I took years to learn and perfect will not make you want to change. Change takes energy and energy is what you control. Spend it any way you want but if you’re interested in life change spend it with one or both of the following tips:

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These two programs have enabled me to remain at home earn a fantastic living and be with my wife. Her injuries forced me to an internet business but if anything good could come from tragidy this opportunity came to us. I am with my wife whenever she needs me and our love and faith has grown even more then our business. Energy is great so use it and start loving what you do and get rich in the process.

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