Spot-Ventilation the economic choice for improved air flow and living comfort.

Spot-Ventilation to improve your homes air flow, decreases moisture and odor levels is a low cost option for many home owners.

The spot-ventilation system is one that can be easily installed by many home owners or a professional installer. To avoid issues with this or any ventilation choice it is best to perform a home energy audit first. This will allow you to identify areas where unwanted air leaks are and other energy wasting sources lie within the home. By using a system such as home energy audits made easy you can improve the effectiveness of your ventilation and the safety and comfort of your home.

Spot-Ventilation is recommended for bathrooms and kitchen ranges. Bathroom windows are seldom opened in cold or hot weather. Recirculation range hoods do not remove cooking-generated moisture from the living space and are not generally effective at controlling odors. Therefore, these are considered poor substitutes for directly exhausting polluted air from these locations to the outside.

Spot ventilation fans are intended to reduce concentrations of moisture or pollutants in the living space. Inevitably, they exhaust clean room air along with the moist or polluted air. To maximize effectiveness,

•Exhaust fans should be located as close as possible to the sources of moisture or odor for optimal removal.

These type installations are cost effective and if performed by the home owner a bathroom fan installation will average about $150. A kitchen hood installation will cost about $325 if self installed.

If you choose to go with a professional then your cost would average about $325 per bathroom fan and $675 for a kitchen hood installation.

If a professional is your choice then make sure that you:

* Ask for copy of Bonding and insurance information

* Ask for a Copy of his license

* Ask for references

* Check with Better Business Bureau for any complaints

Regardless of whether you self install or have it done professionally make sure that you check local codes, obtain proper permits and request inspections of the work.

Issues to Consider with Spot Ventilation

* Spot-Ventilation may cause increased air infiltration from leaks in the home which would increase your energy consumption

* Radon levels from leaks in floors may increase within the home. Check with local authorities for radon levels or issues in your area.

* Fumes from garage areas and gas utilities can be increased during spot ventilation operations. If you are going green or simply wish to save energy and improve your spot ventilation system then a solar powered attic vent fan is the perfect choice.

We recommend the Spot-Ventilation Solar Breese units - They generate significant amounts of solar power and can ventilate up to 2300 square feet of attic space. This system adds no cost to your energy bill, pays for itself and compliments the efforts of any of the home ventilation systems. Attic Breeze products are proudly Made in the USA!

Going Green a Major concern or just a consideration

If the solar fan is an option that interests you then you may want to consider one or a combination of the following choices.

Solar Hot water makes saving energy easy

Wind or solar power makes going green affordable