Tax Credits, Rebates, Grants and Financial Opportunities for Energy Efficient Consumers!

Visit websites that specialize in helping homeowners learn about tax credits, product-rebates, federal-grants and financial opportunities. The Office of Energy-Efficiency and Renewable-Energy does not openly fund consumer energy-efficiency and renewable-energy ventures, however, many other opportunities exist. To learn more specifically about these opportunities for consumers and homeowners, visit the following sites:

Tax-Credits, Federal-Grants, and Product-Rebates

Federal Tax Credits - Energy Efficiency
Information from ENERGY-STARĀ® on federal tax-credits for your home improvements, efficient vehicles, and solar-energy systems.

Rebates and Special Offers - Energy Star Products
Find certain-rebates and special offers from ENERGY-STAR partners in your state.

State Incentives - Renewables and Efficiency
The Database of State specific Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency including financial and regulatory incentives such as tax-credits, federal-grants, product-rebates, and special utility rates for renewable-energy and energy-efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Mortgages and Financing

A facts sheet from the Department-of-Energy which features an overview of energy-efficient financing programs from home improvement loans to mortgages.

The Energy-Efficient Mortgage Program is a FHA program that insures mortgage loans to promote lenders to make mortgage credit available to homeowners.

Energy Ratings and Mortgages
Energy-efficient homes may qualify for certain mortgages that take into account a home's efficiency. This website provides information on home energy-rating systems, energy-efficient mortgages, and finding certified energy-raters and lenders who process energy-efficiency mortgages.

Refinancing - Energy-Efficiency Improvements
This websites gives an overview of refinancing to make energy-efficiency improvements.

Assistance for Low-Income Families

U.S. Department of Energy - Weatherization Assistance Program
By making their homes more energy-efficient DOE's Weatherization Assistance Program works with states and local governments to enable low-income families to permanently reduce their energy-bills.

Many of these programs will help you pay for energy saving steps you will find in this Simple Guide to Home Energy Audits Once your audit reduces your energy consumption you are able to utilize alternative energy sources to produce free energy and save as much as 100% on your energy bill. These links will give you optimal choices for home energy production which may qualify for the credits, rebates and assitance programs.

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