An Enegy Star Dishwasher saves on energy as well as water and pays for itself over and over during the life of the appliance.

Energy Star® Dish-washers

Energy Star® dishwashers save by using both improved technology for the primary wash cycle and less hot water during entire cycle. Construction includes energy-efficient motors, and other advanced technology such as sensors that determine the length of the washing cycle and the temperature of the water necessary to clean the dishes. A significant savings can be reached by minimizing the amount of hot water needed. Dish-washers use built-in electric heaters to get water to a temperature hot enough to clean the dishes effectively. In addition to other efficiencies, Energy Star® dish-washers minimize the amount of water needed, saving the energy required to heat the water. Energy Star® dish-washers must exceed minimum Federal Energy standards by at least 13%.

Energy-efficient dish-washers are one of the many ways to save money from decreasing your energy consumption and reducing your natural resources consumption. To find additional tips for reducing your monthly expenses run a complete home energy-audit with Energy Audit s Made Simple

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ENERGY STAR® qualified dish-washers are required to use 5.8 gallons of water per cycle or less. Older dish-washers use much more water than newer models. Dish-washers purchased before 1994 use about 8 additional gallons of water in each cycle compared to a new ENERGY STAR® qualified model.

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