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Energy Tips: Topic Energy Efficient Homes and windows When purchasing a new home, homeowners want their home to be correct in every detail while costing as little as possible. Energy Tips are not offered by every contractor but are very important to new home construction or remodeling existing ones. Frequently the home buyer must become the expert on energy efficient choices or they will end up with the wrong choices that could cost them big money in the years to come. Energy efficient homes will save homeowner's money long after construction by using efficient components as the home is being constructed. One example involves a homeowner's choice of energy efficient windows which have a tremendous impact on energy performance (and costs!) of heating and cooling a home, as well as the seasonal comfort level experienced by the homes occupants. While Energy efficient windows will cost more initially, they often return their additional cost investment through substantial savings to the homeowner on monthly energy bills.

Installation of Energy Efficient windows is just one of the Energy Tips where homeowners can decrease their energy usage, save money, and help the environment all at the same time. Other areas range from having the correct (cost-effective) level of insulation in a home's walls, ceilings, and floors to simple, periodic maintenance of the furnace and air-conditioning system. Investing in Energy efficient options provides a continued payback not only in dollars and cents, but also in a more enjoyable and comfortable living environment for your family for many years. We will cover these facts in future pages in depth so watch for updates to Energy Tips. Here is the hot Energy Tip this month for simply cutting your power bills down to size. Check out this energy audit system for home or business and start saving money today!

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We hope to not only help new home buyers and existing home owners to make informed energy efficient decisions and to learn the complete picture of energy consumption and what we can do to save it, produce it and use it efficiently. Efficient windows are one of the many energy aspects we will write about in forming the complete energy saving web site. Anther great source of information is at

Your windows will provide less resistance to heat flow than walls, ceilings, and the floors of your home. Remember that even when windows comprise a small area of a home, they are the area of greatest heat loss and gain, and air leakage. Windows can account for as much as 25-30% of the heat loss in a home. This increases energy use and costs, and decreases your comfort. The performance of windows, walls, ceilings, and other building components determine the monthly energy cost as well as the required size of your heating and cooling equipment. The installation of energy- efficient windows (as well as other aspects of a home's construction) reduces not only your monthly energy use (and costs) but also means that a smaller, less expensive furnace and air-conditioning system will be required. Therefore, while energy efficient windows will cost more initially, the monthly savings on your energy bills coupled with a reduction in the purchase price of the heating and cooling system, can more than offset the higher initial cost.

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It is so easy to want to save money up front that we often skimp on all of the Energy efficient choices that will pay for themselves in a very short period of time. Cutting out Energy Efficient products in the home is a serious mistake and over the years it will cost the homeowner thousands of dollars more in operation as well as being a hindrance to potential buyers when they decide to sell. In fact homes that have higher energy bills will sell for less and as utility rates continue to rise the loss in sales potential as well as a lower selling price will grow.

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In today’s market of energy efficient options for alternative power it is also a wise decision. Home builders and home owners need to check into wind, solar and magnetic power generation options. These devices are technologically sound and are able to reduce or eliminate your monthly power bills as well as add thousands to your selling price in the future. Environmental friendly devices are growing at rapid paces and with the never ending increase in utility rates this is a perfect choice for new and existing homes. Do not cut yourself short on big savings check out these links for energy savings.

Energy Tips for wind and solar alternative energy

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