Saving Energy For A Better Tomorrow

I woke up and got off from my bed. It was still dark, and assuming it was a rainy day, I headed downstairs to eat something. The whole house appeared to be consumed by darkness; just a dim light was appearing through the drawn curtains of the windows. As I stepped in the kitchen, I felt my feet touching papers and garbage. Where was mom? She always keeps the house so clean, I wondered. I opened the fridge. The lights in it did not turn on. Finding this weird again, I searched with my hands to grope anything to eat. My hands touched what appeared to be fruits and vegetables only. I gave up and went to turn on the lights. But the button, which had a thick film of dust on it, did not turn on the lights. Maybe the electricity was out?

I went to the kitchen window to open the curtain to draw in some light. The sight outside startled me. The thick green trees outside my home were bare and had no leaves on them. Nearly all of the branches had been cut, and everywhere around it, I found pollution – trash bags spilling trash on the floor of old boxes, half-eaten fruits and vegetables, and other unrecognizable items. I went outside in dismay at what had happened with my yard. But everywhere I looked, I saw garbage and the air around me felt dirty. The sky was a dark grey not because of any clouds but because smoke had been gathered in it.

My best friend was standing outside near the fence. It looked like she hadn’t showered in days.

“Anna! What are you doing there?” I called out.

Anna came to me, her eyes filled with sadness.

“My mother’s kidneys have given up. I wish water would appear from somewhere so I can save her,” she said.

I was stunned to hear her mom was sick because she was a fitness instructor! I asked what had happened, and she told me how the shortage in water, gas, and no electricity around the world had taken the lives of so many people and others were falling ill. It was us humans who had consumed all our energy sources. How did I not know this all? I looked around myself and saw the lifeless trees, the dirt and garbage everywhere. The world looked like a horrible place to live in.

I woke up again. My room was much brighter. I jumped off of my bed and pulled the curtains. With a relief, I found everything around me normal again; my dad was out washing the car and my lawn was green. There was no pollution and the air was clean. But my dream or revelation scared me enough to realize that we had to conserve energy and stop polluting. I didn’t want the future of the world to be anything like what I had dreamt about. With this mission in mind, I went downstairs to go outside and enjoy the beautiful earth God had given us.

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