Solar Energy the right choice for today. Free Energy, environmentally friendly and now very cost affective for Home use.

Solar Energy:

Solar Panels convert the sun's energy into a pollution-free source of heat, light or electricity. Thanks to technological leaps in Solar Panels, the cost for solar power has come down dramatically in the past few decades, and solar power is now spreading across the suburban United States and into businesses, industry, power plants and homes. This amazing form of free energy makes Solar Energy the perfect choice for many homes and businesses. A full energy audit can help cut down your overall energy use which will produce big savings as well. In addition, an energy audit will help you choose an energy plan best suited to meet your needs. A combination of Solar Energy, Wind Energy or Magnetic Generation is often the perfect choice for continuous uninterrupted free energy.

Solar Panels for Free Power

Wind Energy An Excellent Choice

How It Works

The sun's energy can be actively captured to generate free energy or passively harnessed to heat water or buildings. The reliability of the Solar Panels makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of uses requiring a maintenance free energy source.

•Because Solar Panels are so reliable and require virtually no maintenance, solar cells generate power for nearly every communications satellite circling Earth and space missions such as the Mars Sojourner and Mir Space Station.

•Solar water heaters provide hot water for private homes and institutions and warm up outdoor swimming pools and spas.

What Does it Cost

Solar Panels can be built and installed for as little as two hundred dollars. The technology makes implementing solar power a simple process and can save Home owners and businesses for years with little or no maintenance.


• Sunlight is free energy and infinitely renewable.

• Unlike conventional power plants, Solar Panels produce no polluting emissions, including those that cause global warming.

•With no moving parts, Solar Panels are silent, easy to operate and rarely need maintenance.

• Solar Panels avoid brownouts and blackouts. We all have heard of brown outs or black outs but with when electricity demand is high, such as during a heat wave, your solar panels continue to provide all your power needs without interruption. The city may go dark but your lights and air go right on running for free.

• Solar Panels installed on the roofs of residential and commercial buildings can slash utility bills.

• Solar Energy production here in the United States, employs about 20,000 men and women in high-tech, high-earning jobs. This domestic industry helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil, coal and natural gas for heating or powering our homes.

Your Best Choice for Solar Energy Panels

•Solar, or photovoltaic cells, convert sunlight directly into Free energy. They're usually made primarily of silicon, the same material used in computer semiconductor chips. When sunlight hits a solar cell, the energy knocks electrons free of their atoms, allowing them to flow through the material, resulting in direct current (DC) electricity.

*Simple designed panels capture the sun for electric production and home use. •Collectors use heat-absorbing material to harness sunlight for heating water or buildings. •Windows, sunrooms and skylights allow the sun to heat and light buildings.

Where It's Used

Solar Energy can be used wherever the sun shines, even in outer space. It can work on cloudy days, too.

•More suburban homeowners across the country are turning to solar panels to drive down electrical bills. In California, residential installations rose 53 percent in 2004, thanks to a generous state rebate program. New Jersey expects the number of homeowners applying for state rebates to double. (To find out if your state and utility have such programs, visit

•In the southwestern United States, nine commercial concentrated solar power plants produce about 354 megawatts of electricity. That's enough to power more than 85,500 homes per year.

•Many of the technological advances that make daily life more convenient rely on solar energy, including highway traffic signs, cell phones, automated teller machines, pagers, global positioning systems, microwave transmissions and direct TV.

What's Around the Corner

•One million solar energy systems will be installed on rooftops across the United States by 2010. The Department of Energy's Million Solar Roofs program kicked off in 1998 and is already ahead of schedule. The installation of these systems could eliminate carbon dioxide emissions equal to that produced by 850,000 cars. Check the US Department of Energy site for tax incentives and credits.

•Solar cells are cheaper to build then ever and home owners are able to implement them with a few simple steps.

In today’s world of rising costs the installation of low cost Solar Panels and reduced energy bills makes sense for everyone. The environmental benefits of home solar units are a benefit that cannot have a savings placed on it.

My Solar Panels provide 100% of my hot water needs, heats my pool and has reduced my gas bill by 60%. My zero point magnetic generators provide my energy needs for my home. The combination was perfect for me. Check the alternative energy pages out and choose what fits your needs as well as your demographic area and start producing your free energy.

Remember utility rates will go up so choose today and save your money while you help the environment.

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