Supply Ventilation systems will improve air quality, compliment spot ventilation and provide better air flow control to avoid drafts.

A Supply Ventilation system is a controlled input of fresh air to your home unlike in most homes where ventilation is provided accidentally when air leaks through the building envelope. Accidental ventilation is unreliable because it is dependent on a pressure difference between indoor and outdoor spaces caused by temperature or wind variations. A Supply Ventilation system will control the air flow and reduce numerous unwanted issues of poor ventilation control. Too much fresh air often enters a house during cold weather, causing uncomfortable drafts and high heating bills. Not enough fresh air may enter during mild weather which can lead to poor indoor air quality. On previous pages we discuss performing a Home Energy Audit in order to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficient operation of your home or business. These energy saving tips though lead to the reduction of uncontrolled air flow and air quality suffers. We are able to add spot ventilation to existing structures and most new ones are now built with Spot ventilation system incorporated into it. The addition of a Supply-Ventilation system will compliment the spot system and result in higher air quality through controlled ventilation.

With a Supply-Ventilation system outdoor air enters through a single intake and is distributed through ducts to the living room and bedrooms. Stale air is removed by leakage throughout the building and through exhaust fans located in the kitchen and bathrooms. The supply air intake should be located away from sources of pollution, mold, odor or dust—such as the ground, garages, driveways, and plumbing or dryer vents. Supply Ventilation systems can be turned off when homes are not occupied.

The air inflow creates a positive pressure within the structure which helps keep out unwanted air penetration as well as any negative air flow that might draw in unwanted contaminants such as radon, natural gas fumes from, dryers, water heaters or garage fumes.

The installation of air filters will improve the air quality at the intake for the Supply Ventilation system and provide a higher level of living comfort. In addition a dehumidifying unit on the system can assist in controlling air moisture into the structure. This assists in controlling issues such as mold and mildew from uncontrolled moisture. Moisture control is essential in avoiding heath issues and damage to the structure, window frames and seals and other components where moisture can accumulate. Lower Utility Bills.

Less energy is consumed to operate ventilation systems than to heat and cool excessive amounts of outdoor air that infiltrates leaky homes. This can result in lower utility bills, making homes less expensive to operate. Along with improving air quality and living comfort the proper ventilation system reduces your energy demands which results in a greener home. In today’s economic and environmental atmosphere Going Green is gaining momentum and many home buyers now look for all of the energy saving and energy efficient features in the homes list of amenities. The use of a simple solar powered fan units to provide a Supply Ventilation system is a choice that will save you money, pay for itself and provide resale value. Many of these systems are eligible for local and Federal Tax Credits or rebate programs. This provides a quicker pay off and more savings to the consumer.

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Consumers who install solar energy systems (including solar water heating and solar electric systems), small wind systems, geothermal heat pumps, and residential fuel cell and micro turbine systems can receive a 30% tax credit for systems placed in service before December 31, 2016; the previous tax credit cap no longer applies.

Wind and Solar Made Easy
Solar Hot Water Heaters
Solar Fans to power Supply Ventilation systems.

My favorite and the one I have running my entire home for all of our electricty needs is a

Magnetic Generator for free power forever with no negative environmental impacts or fuels required.