Wasted Water from leaks is the number one cause of high water bills and can lead to severe property damage.

There are numerous types and sizes of leaks that can cause for wasted water to occur in your plumbing and cost you large amounts on your water and waste water bills.
Wasted Water Leak Calculators

The most common water leak is the dripping Faucet leak. Though there is no mathematical or scientific formula for these leaks you can use an average about 50 drips per minute and it takes about 15,000 drips to make a gallon. Even though these numbers seem small if you multiply the 50 drips times 24 hours and divide by the 15,000 to make a gallon, you are actually wasting 48 gallons per day of leaking water. In a month billing cycle this would account for 1,440 gallons of wasted water. If you have more then one leaky tub or faucet the issue compounds and the bill goes up dramatically.

An average price is $1.85 per thousand gallons of water. If you are wasting 1440 gallons of water, a single dripping faucet costs you $2.67 and if your waste water is also figured on water usage then adds an average of $3.95 for the waste water portion or a total of $6.62 a month per dripping faucet.

Other leaks such as toilets are considerably more significant in water loss. You can use the numbers below for leaks in a toilet, a line or water softener overflow at 60 PSI pressure:

1/16” hole in a line or flow of water = 25,000 gallons in a month

1/8” hole in a line or flow of water = 100,000 gallons in a month

3/16” hole in a line or flow of water = 220,000 gallons in a month

1/4” hole in a line or flow of water = 390,000 gallons in a month

The average toilet leak from a faulty valve running to overflow is in the 1/8” range for flow. This is a flow of 100,000 gallons times $1.85 per thousand for the water or $185.00. The waste water portion would be another $395.00 if it is based on water consumption. This would mean that if you had a leaky toilet your bill after one month could be $580.00 for wasted water which could have been avoided.

This is why leak detection is so crucial for a home owner. By running a simple leak survey off our leak detection page you can reduce the chances of ever getting a large bill for wasted water.

Leaking pipes underground will not only run up your bill but can cause significant damage to property if not detected and fixed in a timely manner. The average leak in a service line is in the ¼” bracket and if left will grow with time as the line is ate away by the water leak. The leaks can be detected by sound so listen when you are near your water line or routinely go to where it comes in and listen. If you hear a running water sounds investigate it now. If that leak is under a slab or in a crawl space or near your foundation the damage can be excessive. In a single day a water leak will use 13,000 gallons so you must react quickly.

As a water manager for over 30 years at a large utility I have seen thousands of high bills from dripping faucets, leaky toilets, and broken lines. The explanation to the customer always received the same response. They would reply “those drips and leaks can not possibly use that much water.” Take it from me they do and they will! The cost is well beyond the time it takes to find and repair the leak.

Unfortunately I have seen settling foundations, cracked walls, mold, and wall failures as a result of ignoring the sound of running water. Do not fall prey to the water loss of leaks or the damage it causes. Find them today and fix them ASAP.

Energy Audits will locate the same wasting areas for your energy bill. Performing a simple leak survey for wasted water and a home energy audit will save you money every month.